Civil Claims in the County Court including debt recovery

We deal with all types of civil claims in the County Court, dispute resolution and debt recovery on behalf of a variety of commercial and other clients. The overwhelming majority of cases which are issued in the County Court, never progress all the way to trial. Most cases are settled by way of an agreed compromise, are discontinued or otherwise dismissed. Our approach is always to look towards how claims may be settled or compromised as early and expeditiously as possible without substantial costs being incurred whether as a claimant or a defendant.

In certain types of claim, for example, professional negligence claims, or building/engineering disputes, the Civil Procedure Rules require the parties to comply with pre-action protocols which set out various preliminary steps which the parties to a dispute are required to take and in particular, the parties are encouraged to try to settle their disputes before Court proceedings are issued, or at least to have an open mind as to settlement. It is, however, not always possible to reach a settlement with an opposing party and in those circumstances, we believe in detailed and thorough preparation for trial.

Our charges for litigation are either by reference to a fixed fee, an hourly charging rate, a Conditional Fee Agreement (ie No Win – No Fee) or payment by a client’s legal expenses insurers, as appropriate. For debt recovery, our charges are based upon fixed fees depending upon the amount of the debt. Our services include, in particular:

  • County Court claims and injunctions
  • Possession proceedings
  • Proceedings under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Professional negligence
  • Wills and Probate disputes
  • Building litigation and arbitration
  • Debt recovery
  • Contract disputes
  • Boundary disputes

Should you need advice, or assistance, in relation to any of the above matters, in the first instance, please contact Tom Walsh. Should you require a copy of our brochure on debt recovery, which includes our list of charges, please telephone or email to request this and it will be sent to you by email, or hard copy.